Designing our Plant Shelfie

November 11 2020 – Jillian Robinson

Let's talk plant shelfies. I don't have a ton of experience with them myself (this is my first plant shelfie of my own!!), however, I have a serious addiction with them on Instagram. There is so much inspiration out there and I really think they bring an amazing, eye catching element to any space!

Our living room is primarily whites, blacks and wood tones with gold accents so I decided to go with this white shelf with gold legs. This specific shelf comes in a bunch of different variations and was really easy to put together! Or at least my fiance made it look easy :)

On the top shelf I wanted to add something that gave some height and dimension. Since we have our growlight hanging from the ceiling, I also wanted to try and hide the cord as best as I could. I decided to try out a large wooden bowl to also bring in some wooden elements to the shelf that balance out the space from the other side of the room where there is a large wooden TV console. The top shelf definitely has the best lighting with the growlight being about 24 inches directly above, so this is where I wanted to feature my plants that need more lighting. I decided to put my variegated string of hearts in our Francis Pot and I totally love the combo of the white & green leaves with the nude glazed pot. On the other side, I put a moonshine sansevieria in our Callie Pot which brought in addition height to the space and really brings out both the color of the plant leaves as well as the beautiful finish on the Callie Pot. Sansevieria don't need a ton of bright light so I've ended up rotating different plants on this top shelf so they all can have a chance to get proper lighting but I enjoy the height and dimension that a tall plant brings to the shelf. If I could do it again, I would look into a growlight that could be set up at an angle, such as this track light system. Then all the shelves would have a more equal distribution of lighting.

Besides having a ton of plants, I also wanted to feature a few other signature pieces. I found this cute wave print on Etsy that was super affordable because you print it yourself! I paired it with our small Jessica Pot with an aloe plant. I think it brings a little pizazz with the textured design on the pot without overshadowing the simplicity of the print.

My favorite piece on the shelf is definitely our Tivoli Digital radio! I love the old fashioned look with the modern, digital functionality! The sound is also awesome on this thing! The radio is nice and compact so I stacked it on top of a few books just to add some extra dimension. This is the only shelf space that doesn't have a plant on it. Can you believe it? I really just wanted to highlight the radio and I think it looks great!

The other plant and pot combos featured on the shelf are:
- Our large Belle Pot with a philodendron mican. This plant was doing great until about 2 weeks before I created the shelf. It had been in the kitchen on the sink draining after being watered, and my dear, sweet, naughty!! dog came over and pulled it off of the counter. It's a hardy plant is rebounding quickly but some of the leaves were damaged in the fall.
- Our large Luna Pot with a silvery ann pothos. This plant is also super hardy and is a great beginner plant as it will definitely let you know when it wants to be watered! The leaves will start to curl in, begging to be watered.
- Our large Jessica Pot with another easy grower, the scindapsus pictus. The leaves are a bit smaller than the silvery ann but the plant communicates the same way. They curl in when it's time for watering, making it a great beginner plant.

In the end I'm really happy with the way it turned out! I would love to hear how you've decorated your plant shelfies and any feedback you have about our design! Make sure to leave a comment below :)



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