8 Pet Friendly Indoor Plants

April 30 2020 – Jillian Robinson

Why do pets enjoy eating our houseplants? Does it really help soothe an upset stomach or are they just trying to drive me crazy?! Either way, it's always recommended to keep houseplants out of reach from your pets. We have compiled a list of our favorite non-toxic plants as recognized by the ASPCA. Please note- you should always conduct your own research before bringing a new plant into your pet loving home.

Boston Fern (dryopteridaceae)

Known for their lush and bushy fronds, the Boston fern is non-toxic to both cats and dogs- though may appear to look like some sort of toy for those silly pets so we always recommend keeping these guys up in a hanging planter. Boston ferns like lots of bright, indirect light and humidity to keep them looking their best.


While these plants can often be rather finicky, the calathea family is non-toxic to both cats and dogs. Calatheas have stunning foliage making them highly sought after, but make sure you are ready to provide these posh plants what they need! Calatheas are humidity lovers and do well in an area with lower lighting conditions or their leaves will often brown and bleach out.


Hoyas are a major favorite for us at The Potted Jungle and we hope you love them too! Each hoya has different care requirements, but overall they prefer high humidity and bright indirect light. They are non-toxic to both dogs and cats, and with the wide variety of texture, leaf shape, and flowers within this species there is bound to be one calling your name. 

Jewel Orchid (haemaria discolor)

If you love orchids, you will be happy to know they are non-toxic to both dogs and cats. The jewel orchid is our favorite with it's stunning foliage that does exceptionally well in a conch or terrarium, making it even less likely that your furry friend will be able to take a bite!

Parlor Palm (chamaedorea elegans)

Also known as a Dwarf Palm, please note- some plants, such as the Sago Palm, aren't actually a palm and are highly toxic for pets. If you're interested in bringing home a palm, make sure it is a true palm! The Parlor Palm is a humidity lover and prefer frequent waterings during its growing months. 


Our favorite, and probably most well known of all pileas, the pilea peperomioides is non-toxic to both dogs and cats. It is known for it's easily propagated pups that make for a great gift for your plant loving pals and those with furry friends!


We love the peperomia species for their wide variety of amazing textures and colors. They are non-toxic to both dogs and cats, tend to be easy to care for, and look great in any home!

Spider Plants (chlorophytum comosum)

Non-toxic to both cats and dogs, the spider plant is able to tolerate a wide variety of lighting and watering conditions, adding it to our list of the 5 best houseplants for beginners.

This is a short list of some of our favorite pet friendly plants, however, you can find an more complete list published by the ASPCA here. Do you have a favorite pet-friendly plant that you want other's to know about? Drop a comment below!


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  • Tessa Parker: September 05, 2020

    Could you please suggest a good source for healthy & affordable pilea peperomioides cuttings. I live in Louisiana, but have not found a reliable source after searching for what seems like forever. Much appreciated!

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