The 5 Best Houseplants for Beginners

April 21 2020 – Jillian Robinson

Indoor houseplants are said to have many health benefits including purifying the air, helping to deter illness, boost healing and help productivity! If nothing else, they're pretty to look at and now anyone can have a green thumb with these easy-to-grow plants! They make starting a collection fun and simple, and are generally tolerant of less than ideal circumstances. 

1. Snake Plant aka Mother In Laws Tongue (sansevieria) 

These air purifying plants are immediately my #1 recommendation every time anyone asks for recommendations. They don't require much in the form of TLC, making them ideal for those who tend to forget about their plants. They're also great in an office environment! Snake plants grow straight up, creating a tall visual element to your design. They also have a great variety, allowing almost everyone to find a look that suits their style - my favorite is the bantel's sensation.

Watering: As long as you don't go too carried away, these plants are able to withstand erratic watering habits. I would recommend watering your snake plant once a week, or when the first 1-2 inches of soil are completely dry.
Lighting: These plants prefer well lit areas but are able to tolerate a variety of lighting conditions.

2. Heartleaf Philodendron (philodendron cordatum)

The leaves on a heartleaf philodendron are one of my favorites! The way the plant trails makes it perfect in a cute macrame hanging planter. Can you see the vision? They're also easy on the wallet which is always nice. Originating in the Caribbean, the heartleaf philodendron enjoys high humidity and moist soil, making them an ideal fit for those that tend to show their plants a little too much watering love.

Watering: Keep the soil moist, though not drenched or soggy. Water weekly. Mist the leaves with a squirt bottle often.
Lighting: Optimal lighting conditions are bright, indirect lighting though these guys can tolerate pretty much all lighting options. The leaves may become less vibrant with reduced lighting and the leaves may grow further apart, looking a bit more "stringy".

3. ZZ Plant (zamioculcas zamiifolia)

While considered to be slower growing, the ZZ plant thrives in medium-low lit areas, making it perfect for a room in the house that may not have that ideal floor to ceiling panoramic view we all dream of. Similar to the snake plant, these guys don't require much in watering category, making them an ideal option for those who tend to forget to water your plants on a weekly basis! They grow tall with lush foliage, making a beautiful statement piece.

Watering: ZZ plants only require being watered every 3 weeks or so. I recommend keeping them in their nursery pot and simply pulling them out of the designer pot you have them in, and giving them a through watering in you sink.  
Lighting: The sweet spot on lighting is going to be medium, indirect lighting. They will tolerate low levels of light, though you may see them become more "stringy" over time as they grow. On the other side of the spectrum, they may get burned if they're getting too much direct light. 

4. Spider Plant (chlorophytum comosum)

Spider plants grow fairly quickly, are hardy and low maintenance. They enjoy bright spaces with a decent amount of moisture, making them the perfect plant for your bathroom. They'll also produce "pups" which are little babies that can be replanted to start new plants. 

Watering: Water once a week or so and mist often with a squirt bottle. It's okay if you miss a watering every now and again.
Lighting: Spider plants enjoy bright, indirect light but can tolerate low lit spaces as well. If you notice the tips of your leaves starting to brown or you see brown spots on the leaves, it could be from too much direct sunlight causing the leaves to burn. 

5. Swiss Cheese Plant aka Split Leaf Philodendron (monstera deliciosa)

A friend I made in the plant world, That One Plant Guy, that once told me Swiss cheese plants are known as "the weeds of the jungle" so I think it's safe to say they're a pretty tough plant! They're known for their mature large, striking perforated leaves that make a stunning statement piece in any room. These plants enjoy and thrive on high humidity and waterings, making them perfect for those who tend to overwater.

Watering: Water regularly while only allowing the water to dry out slightly. Mist the leaves frequently.
Lighting: Ideal conditions for this plant are bright, indirect lighting, however, they are able to tolerate less than ideal lighting conditions. Keep them close to a window to increase leaf development and reduce the plant stretching for light. If you notice brown spots on the leaves, you may have them too close to the window where they experience too much direct lighting.

I would love to hear about your experiences with these easy growers and if you have any tips you would love to share with fellow newbies to the plant world! Leave a comment below



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